BLESSED are Those Who DIE IN THE LORD from Now On!

“I have said, ‘I will do a work in your day that you would not believe even if it were told to you beforehand.’  That work you will now see. For I will take one who is dead in their sins and I will cause him to sprout, grow and mature in Me. He will come forth as THE SHINING ONE. All who see it will be amazed and will glorify Me. All who will not see to believe will go with the ‘SHINING’ unto perdition.  Let there not be any amongst you who doubt.”

“I have spoken it this way, so that when it happens, you will be able to see and believe, for I know you. I know My people (who) have become dull of hearing. I know who you are and I will be with you through this time. Have I not said beforehand so that you would not be harvested out of season?  Be Not Deceived!  I Am Not Mocked. Whatsoever a man Soweth, of that he must reap.  Many amongst you are not what they appear. I will separate the sheep from the goats. I will cause many to turn to Me in righteousness and truth. I AM THAT I AM.  Know Me My People. Know Me in Truth. Know Me in spirit. Know My Ways, not just My acts. Know Me in the intimacy of your time and I will set things ‘right’ in your mind.”

Do not look on the flesh. You will not know them by outward appearances.   There will be many who are not what they say. They are of the ‘SHINING’ not of My Spirit. Have I not told you, ‘ KNOW NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH.’   It is about to get ugly. They will not be pretty as they come to you. They will be the remnant I am going to bring unto you. They have been despised and rejected as the offscouring of society even as I was rejected by the ‘holier than thou’ crowd of My days on earth. “

“Beware that you be not harvested out of season. The ‘Shining’ and the ‘Shining One’ will be ‘re-loosed'(I thought to change that word but He said that was what He meant and that I was to leave it there) during this time.  You will not be taken if you are hidden in Me, I Am your Refuge. I Am your Truth. I Am your Rock. I Am the Word of Truth.  Be not as my servant Thomas who would only, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’.”

This word I received from His Spirit this morning, 9-28-17.  I believe things are about to get ugly and the neat, prim and proper way to believe is a stumbling block set up in our way, set up in His Way.   I will leave you with a verse of scripture from Proverbs :     ‘Forsake the foolish and live; and go in The Way Of Understanding.  The man that wandereth out of  The Way Of Understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.’  Pr. 9:6 ; 21:16

Read Diana Pulliam’s experience and the instructional teaching of that experience on her site,

“You Must Take Dominion!”
“Train your human spirit by taking authority over your thoughts and emotions.”
“Put a watch on your mouth, for My people have been cancelling out their prayers to Me by the very words of their confession.”   …  was the reason Yah sent her there ‘and’, or rather, ‘but’ …BUT GOD showed her through that experience is what you will need to read in her own words to understand it.



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